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The Legrand UPS MegaLine 5000/2 model is a UPS using high frequency PWM technology, On Line Double Conversion type, solid neutral, modular architecture, with the possibility of N+X redundant configuration, Rated Power 5 kVA – 3.5 kW, equipped with valve-regulated hermetic-type accumulator batteries, contained inside the UPS in a specific compartment or in one or more external cabinets, sized to guarantee a minimum autonomy of 11 minutes when 80% charged
  • Brand: Legrand
  • Kva: 3kVA - 5KVA,5kVA - 10kVA
  • Ups Topology: On‑Line Double Conversion
  • Ups Type: Computers and Servers
  • Weight: 74 kg
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Modular UPS redundant and upgradable up to 10kVA with perfomance and functions at the top of their category.
All models have a microprocessor control card that can be configured on the display, by modules powered by 1250 VA each, and by battery kits that contain no. 3x9Ah batteries
The single cabinet and 19 inch rack models issue a power from 1250 to 5000 VA, they can house a maximum of 4 power boards and 4 battery kits. Additional batteries can be stored in specific cabinets, which can be easily connected thanks to an back up time upgrading pre-setting. The range is completed with products made of two cabinets; the first cabinet can house up to 8 power modules, each up to 1250 VA, reaching a maximum power of 10kVA. In the second cabinet it is possible to insert up to 10 battery kits and an additional battery charger. Other battery cabinets identical to the one supplied can be added in order to further upgrade back up time.

Nominal power (VA) 5000 
Active power (W) 3500
Max expandability (VA) 10000 
Max expandability (W) 7000 
Technology On-line double conversion (VFI-SS-111)
UPS architecture Modular, Expandable, N+X Redundant with 1250 VA power boards in a single cabinet

Input nominal voltage 230 V
Input voltage range 184 V ÷ 264 V at 100% of the load
Minimum network operating voltage 100 V at 50% of the load
THD Input current ‹ 3%
Input Power Factor › 0.99 from 20% of the load
Input frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 2% autosensing

Output voltage 230 V ± 1%
Output frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz synchronised
THD Output voltage ‹ 1% with non-linear load
Waveform Sinusoidal
Crest Factor 3,5 : 1
Performance when connected to the mains 92% at 100% of the load
Allowed overload 300% for 1 sec. – 200% for 5 sec. – 150% for 30 sec.

Back up time
Back up time (min) 13
Back up time expandability Yes

Bypass: Static and Electromechanical, automatic and internally synchronised (due to overload or operating fault).
Signals and Alarms: Large 4-line alphanumeric display, multi-colour status indicator, audio signal
Communication Ports: no.1 RS 232 port, no.2 logical gates
UPS Communicator Software: Can be downloaded free of charge (after requesting the activation code)
- Electronic protections against overloads, short-circuits and excessive battery discharge.
- Operation stops when the back up time ends. In-rush current limiter at start-up.
- Sensor to connect the neutral cable correctly.
- Back-feed protection (electrical safety insulation of the input plug during battery-based operation). EPO contact
(complete shutdown in the event of an emergency)
IN/OUT mains connection: Standard German / Clamp connector with universal multiple socket outlet (Italian/German standard)

Mechanical features
Net weight (kg) 24+50
Dimensions (H x W x D) (mm) 2x475 x 270 x 570 
Installed power boards 4 
Free power expansion slots 4 
Installed battery kits 4 
Free back up time expansion slots 6

Environmental conditions
Operating temperature (°C) 0÷40
Degree of protection IP21
Relative humidity (%) 20÷80 non-condensing
Noise level at 1 m (dBA) ‹ 40
Certifications Standards EN 62040-1, EN 62040-2, EN 62040-3

Kva: 3kVA - 5KVA,5kVA - 10kVA

Ups Topology: On‑Line Double Conversion

Ups Type: Computers and Servers

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