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EV Charging Station, Juice Booster 2, 22kW, 32A, German Traveller Pack, 4 accessories
  • Brand: Juice Technology
Smallest and safest mobile 22 kW charging station (ICCPD).
Compatible with all electric vehicles with type 2 or type 1 charging socket.

Three-phase, 11 or 22 kW charging with up to 32 amps. Fully charged in 3-4 hours in ideal conditions.

IP67 waterproof, drive-over resistant, suitable for use in -25 to +45 degrees, maximum safety in accordance with the latest standards.

Drive-over resistant to a wheel load of over 3 tonnes, impact-resistant and dust proof.
Not only splash-proof in accordance with IP67 but completely water resistant.
FI-AEV circuit breaker technology is already integrated, thus eliminating the need for an expensive and complicated subsequent installation. Charging stations without FI-AEV protection can be lethal.
Compatible with all vehicles featuring a type 2 or type 1 connection.
3-in-1: In addition to being used as a mobile charging station, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 can also be used as a wall box (with wall bracket) or type 2 cable (with type 2 adapter)

  • Diameter: 70 mm, Length: 225 mm
  • 1.0 kg excluding cables, 3.2 kg with cables and plugs
  • 230V 6 – 32 A (1-phase), 400 V 6 – 32 A (3-phase) AC
  • 1.4 – 22.0 kW AC depending on input current
  • IP67 / RCD DC 6 mA, RCD AC/DC 30 mA / Protective conductor monitoring
  • Metallic anthracite
  • Mode 2 in accordance with IEC 62752
  • Rubber caps / Black cable currently available with 12 self-detecting adapters, 1.4 m supply cable
  • Type 2 (EN 62196) cable length 3.1 m
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