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Solar power has been for years a subject of debate, but its effect over the past 20 years on the environment has convinced people that solar panel are the way to go if we want a brighter future ahead.

These are a couple of advantages when using solar panels:

Gives Renewable Energy

Since the power that is stored in solar panels come from solar energy which is renewable, solar panels emit renewable energy that is available on a daily basis and practically all over the world. No matter if a person relocates in a remote area or be off the grid, so long as the sun shines and he or she has solar panels installed, there will be electricity supplied to his or her home. And according to scientists, the sun will continue to give out solar energy for at least 5 billion more years, making solar panels usable for a long time.

Different Applications

Solar panels have diversified uses in homes and commercial applications. They are used not only to supply electricity to homes but also to heat water and run solar powered cars. Since solar panels can be used to distill water in places where there is limitation on clean water access and supply electricity in places that are off the grid, they are considered diverse when it comes to applications. Solar panels as well as solar energy are being used even in building homes which expands the application of this energy source.

Lesser Energy Bills

One of the most practical and top advantages of solar panels is their capability to reduce energy consumption. By simply storing solar energy in solar panels, home owners need not use electricity sold commercially since they can use their appliances at night with the use of solar panels. Consequently, energy bills will be reduced. Of course, it is important to note that the savings in energy consumption depends on the size of solar panels. Also, aside from the reduction of energy usage, the homeowner also has the chance to get bonus payments if there is more electricity generation from the solar panels and lesser is used and the surplus will be sent to the grid. And by using energy stored in solar panels at peak times where electricity rates are high, more savings can be earned.

Technological Advancements

With the dynamics in technology and the continuous development and research, solar panels will become necessities of every household in the future. As time goes by, advancements in the technology and design of solar panels will be introduced and there is no way for the popularity of these renewable sources of energy to wane.

Maintenance Cost

With the warranty offered by solar panel distributors that can last for decades, maintenance costs of solar panels are at a minimum. Moreover, maintenance requirements of these panels are also not excessive. They only need to be cleaned regularly. As for parts, there are relatively no parts to be replaced except for the inverter that might need replacement between five to ten years. That said, there is less expectations when it comes to wear and tear.